November 2023 Update

We hope that everyone in the Community had a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In the meantime, while it might already be snowing in your part of the world, here’s a recap of what has been going on recently–not just dance parties like at Meet Magento Netherlands, but also taking collaboration within the ecosystem to the next step and funding our future.

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Meet Magento Netherlands 2023 Recap: the Renaissance

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On 2nd November 2023, our Dutch Chapter Mage-OS Netherlands organized the fantastic Meet Magento Netherlands event. It was sold out two weeks ahead, with over 300 enthusiasts participating. Read the MM23NL recap written by Jisse Reitsma, part of the organizing team.

Despite the weather, the vibe was truly amazing and people within the Community were so happy to connect again. In his LinkedIn article titled “Magento: Time for a Renaissance”, Jakub Winkler expresses the positive energy that he felt again after many dark years and what he thinks contributed to it.

Hot off the press, you can now see the professional photos and recap video from the event!

Engaging in proactive collaboration 

Mathias and Vinai

In the last few months, Mage-OS participated in many Meet Magento events and got the opportunity to collect feedback and questions. Many of you have asked for clarity on how we relate to Magento Association, and what it all means for this ecosystem.

On the Monday after Meet Magento Netherlands, Vinai and Mathias Schreiber met to discuss goals alignment and opportunities for collaboration. Here is the recap co-written by Vinai and Mathias on what came out of this first meeting.

To strengthen our focus and not dilute the energy of volunteers who contribute actively to our working groups, we felt it was important to look at current roles and responsibilities between Mage-OS and the Magento Association and how we can best collaborate. 

Here are some things that we see are specific to the Magento Association: 

  • Work with Adobe to strengthen Magento Open Source and grow the understanding of the value of Open Source within the corporate environment
  • Grow the community through Meet Magento events organization, support and promotion
  • Manage Magento Open Source contributors by building the Community Council

We are delighted that the Magento Association has already launched a brand new website, and are hard at work with the website. We’re exploring whether that site could leverage some of the content our content group and others have planned and written over the last two years.

On the Mage-OS end, we keep focusing on:

  • Community growth and engagement: we gather more people and bring magic to events, we widen the community’s footprint on social media, carrying our positive, open and inclusive values everywhere we go
  • Product enhancement: improve our infrastructure so that
    • the platform is easy and cost effective to maintain
    • it is rewarding for Magento community members to enrich it with creativity, innovation and Magento mastery
  • Product long term support: we plan to set up a commercial entity and provide long term support to the Mage-OS eCommerce platform for merchants of all shapes and sizes.

Let’s catch up at the following Magento events!

Europe: Magento Meetup in Aachen, Germany 11th December

Special Christmas Edition!

Aachen Meetup

Both Mathias, from the Magento Association, and Vinai, our President, will be there to continue the conversation with you on how we can, together, strengthen the Magento Ecosystem further.

As for the Christmas feel, there will be fun activities including an escape room and a visit to the historical Aachen city center and local Christmas market.

Europe: Magento Meetup in Poznań, 13th December

Magento Meetup Poznań

The long-running Polish Magento Meetup is back in Poznań before the end of the year! Expect lots of great technical content and even better company!

Europe: Webvinkelvagdaag Mage OS NL drinks, January 23rd 2024

In 2024, the Webwinkel Vakdagen (Dutch eCommerce days) takes place in Utrecht on January 23 and 24. After the first day, on January 23rd, 17:00, Mage-OS Netherlands is organizing New Year’s drinks for the Magento community, together with sponsors at Uncle Jim, Utrecht (

You are welcome to attend and cheer the new year with us!

Europe: Magento Meetup Rhein-Main, January 24th 2024

The new year kicks off in Germany with the return of the Magento Meetup Rhein-Main. This new years edition focuses on product data, and in particular PIMs (Product Information Management) systems. Don’t miss it!

USA: Meet Magento Florida, 31 Jan – 1st Feb 2024

Meet Magento Florida

The best weather in the US, in February! We’ll get our dose of Vitamin D with our US based contributors and active members, and Thien-Lan, our Vice President, is flying over from Europe for more fun!

Use code 30-MAGE-OS for 30% off on conference tickets

Asia: Meet Magento India, Ahmedabad, 10th February 2024 

Meet Magento India

The Magento community is huge in India, with over 1,000 attendees to the event and 40 speakers! We hope you can join, as we know the Meet Magento India team and sponsors will put on a great and vibrant event.

Find all about upcoming Magento events in our Events Calendar.

That’s all for this edition, but we’ll be back in the new year with even more updates! The Mage-OS team.