Mage-OS is an open initiative to ensure the accessibility, longevity, and success of the Magento® platform and ecosystem.

The Mage-OS Distribution is a backwards compatible, lightweight version of Magento Open Source packages. This includes changes and new features compared to Magento, as contributed by volunteers like you. We aim to stay compatible with all existing Magento 2 extensions and integrations as much as possible.

It takes a village! Join us, and help create the future of open source ecommerce.


27 Jan 2023

January 2023 Updates

See the latest on the Mage-OS Distribution, content, community, and association

2 Dec 2022

Meet you soon in Madrid!

Mage-OS will be at Meet Commerce Spain on December 13th, see you there!

23 Nov 2022

Merchant Focused Content

An update on the ongoing work to create a merchant focused content site

2 Nov 2022

Going beyond the Mirror - Mage-OS Nightlies

Mage-OS Distribution nightly builds are now available on

11 Oct 2022

Magento 2.4.5-p1 release

Now available on

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