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Magento Open Source has been a uniquely inspired platform for eCommerce merchants, developers, and agencies worldwide since 2008.

Mage-OS builds on this well-established product, and works with its vast Community to create the open source eCommerce operating system of the future.

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Why Magento?

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Community is Magento’s biggest asset and №1 competitive advantage.

Rich ecosystem

Thousands of agencies, storefront, payments, shipping, marketing, and hosting providers build solutions for Magento Open Source.

Unlimited resources

Get inspired with insights, case studies, and best practices. Skill up with training, documentation, forums, and more.

The best events ever

Everywhere in the world there are passionate professionals who back Magento and greet you with open arms.

It takes a village

Thank you to our partners and members! Interested in joining?

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Discover Mage-OS

It all started with an Open Letter, and from there we knew:

We had to build an eCommerce platform that leverages and further enhances Magento Open Source.

We needed a new home and purpose for a vibrant community to make that happen.