The Mage-OS Association is a non-profit association

Formed by people within the Magento community to represent and further the interests of that community as a whole: Merchants, developers, agencies, and all of the many people supporting and supported by this ecosystem.

Our Mission and Values

We want to see Magento prosper

Our goals are to:

Grow the

Nurture good
vibes and values

Sustain Magento as a leading platform for custom ecommerce development

Increase ecosystem
market share

Increase confidence in the Magento ecosystem

We intent to accomplish
those goals by:

Coordinating and funding the development and long-term support of Mage-OS


Creating quality content that supports the long-term livelihood of the platform


Funding and supporting events that align with the association goals


Providing documentation and education/certification paths


Supporting organizations empowering the Magento Open Source ecosystem


Providing leads and job opportunities for members


Provide insights, research, and materials to support those outcomes


Our Vision

Our intention is to foster the growth and long-term success of the community by taking steps to simplify and modernize the platform, encourage developer uptake, reinvigorate the supporting community, and give merchants the support and confidence they need to choose Mage-OS for their ecommerce needs.

Our vision for the Mage-OS project starts with these key steps:

Step 1

Build community interest


Step 2

Launch an independent public mirror of Magento Open Source


Step 3

Form the supporting organization


Step 4

Launch the Mage-OS distribution, for enhancements to the Magento Open Source platform

Step 5

Hire a CEO or COO to further development of the Mage-OS association and distribution

Step 6

Launch a grant program to sponsor development of specific improvements to the Mage-OS distribution

Step 7

Create a business entity to provide merchant support services and bug fixes for the Mage-OS and Magento Open Source platforms

Our People

The Mage-OS project is carried by people who, as we put it in the Magento Community “Bleed Orange”. To set up the Board of Directors, we looked for passionate leaders with a long and strong history with Magento who all bring deep expertise and extensive experience in all the required fields to make this initiative work. Key thing they have in common: the drive to move, fast. They set the example and lead Committees to achieve great things and hit milestones every months with the help of talented and motivated Contributors.

Driven by that same passion, Local Chapters have come to life so people can meet in person, share in their own language and help Mage-OS reach way more people.


Community is Magento’s biggest asset and №1 competitive advantage.

Rich ecosystem

Thousands of agencies, storefront, payments, shipping, marketing, and hosting providers build solutions for Magento Open Source.

Unlimited resources

Get inspired with insights, case studies, and best practices. Skill up with training, documentation, forums, and more.

The best events ever

Everywhere in the world there are passionate professionals who back Magento and greet you with open arms.

It takes a village

Thank you to our partners and members! Interested in joining?