Scale your eCommerce

Magento includes a rich feature set to enable scaling internationally these include:

Multistore Functionality

Multistore as standard, not an afterthought.
Magento doesn’t just have a multistore add-on like other eCommerce platforms, it was architected with multistore in mind from day one. Almost every feature Magento offers can be independently configured and customized per store, giving you ultimate control over your business (or businesses!)

  • Run multiple storefronts from one Magento instance
  • Localize or internationalize your business
  • Create entirely separate branded storefronts
  • Display unique content and translate the entire storefront
  • Create and manage discrete product catalogs, prices and category structures
  • Take payments in any currency, with automated or manual control over conversion rates
  • Choose how and where to ship your products per storefront
  • Tailor tax/VAT calculations and display them to each market and customer group you sell to
  • Manage stock from multiple locations with discrete stock levels per storefront
  • Run concurrent B2C/D2C or B2B sites, either as separate or unified storefronts

Language & Localization

Your stores, any language

Whether you want to translate Magento into your regional language or embark on full-scale internationalization, Magento has you covered, with the ability to install a wide range of pre-existing language packs as well as create and manage custom phrases and entire dictionaries. Further configuration options allow you to tailor your site(s) to your customers’ local expectations, such as timezone, date format and weight units.


  • Translate your storefront using pre-existing language packs for almost any language
  • Create and manage custom phrases and entire dictionaries
  • Localise your site to ensure your customers feel at home

Localization Options