Flexible Order Workflows – Invoice / Shipment / Credit Memo

Striking the right balance between flexibility but trustworthy sales order process

Magento has a well-defined, powerful order workflow for processing sales, payments, shipments and returns/credits. One key element of this is customer order statuses (explained below), however, the flexibility goes beyond this. At the core of order processing is the payment method, of which there can be offline or online. This effectively means that with online methods, an invoice can be raised in conjunction with the payment therefore the order will progress further in the process. Offline payment methods do not raise invoices and thus require custom process (automated or manual) to process an order since any payment is handled outside the application.

Key features

  • Place Order (including orders placed manually in Magento Admin)
  • Cancel Order
  • Receive Payment – could be online payment or manual acknowledgement Ie. invoice raised
  • Invoice Order – usually handled manually if using offline payment methods such as Check, Money Order, Bank/Wire Transfer or Gift Card/Voucher
  • Create Shipment
  • Create Return
  • Raise Credit Memo

Custom Order Statuses

Adapt your order flow to match your unique sales order processing

Order statuses in Magento can be customised to your needs whilst retaining some strict controls around order processing. There are core ‘states’ which cannot be changed, however there are configurable ‘statuses’ which can then be used and mapped to more specific processes whether manual or automated. These allow for an expanse of customisations tailored to your business.

Key features

  • Create new order status
  • Assign an order status to a state
  • Configure front-end visibility of order status
  • Define a status as ‘Default’ for a state

Customer Accounts

The most important asset in Ecommerce, your customer.

With a host of third-party modules empowering merchants to engage with their customers better, Magento offers unsurpassed functionality to give you the edge over competing platforms.

Key features

  • Allow Remote Shopping Assistance / Login As Customer
  • Reset Password from Admin
  • Force Sign-In
  • Create New Customers from Admin
  • Manage Customer Groups