Magento? Adobe Commerce? Cloud? B2B? Mage-OS?

There has been much confusion in the market as to what ‘Magento’ is, or if it even still exists and whether it will be maintained. “Magento” is alive and well! There is a vibrant Merchant user base and developer community which boasts hundreds of thousands of live sites. This article aims to untangle the differences between the different versions of the product formerly known as ‘Magento’.

The below provides an overview of all the different editions/versions and their key differences.

Magento Open Source is the free, and as the name suggests, open source version of the Magento 2 platform and was previously known as Magento Community Edition. This allows full access to the code base for you (or your development team) to customize to your needs, and you are free to host wherever you decide. This version is supported by Adobe in the form of regular (quarterly) security updates, bug fixes and minor improvements. However, Adobe is no longer releasing new features and functionality.

Adobe Commerce is the paid-for version of the Magento 2 platform that adds additional features and further technical support from Adobe itself on top of Magento Open Source. This offering was previously known as Magento Commerce and Magento Enterprise Edition. All recent and future features for Adobe Commerce are now created as SaaS-based add-ons to the platform with little to no control over the code, i.e. these new features no longer have openly accessible code (they are not open source).

Adobe Commerce Cloud is Adobe Commerce, but hosted and supported on Adobe’s own infrastructure.

B2B, sometimes referred to as Adobe Commerce B2B Edition, is a further add-on available to Adobe Commerce customers only that adds additional business-to-business functionality, such as account approval, sub-user management, credit limits, custom catalogs and more.

The Mage-OS Distribution is an independent and community driven fork (alternate version) of Magento Open Source that retains compatibility while allowing the freedom to innovate and push the platform forward, given Adobe’s focus is now on only improving their Adobe Commerce (Cloud/B2B) offering. Our aim is to put the platform back into the hands of the community and bring back tangible improvements in the form of new features and enhancements while lowering the barrier to entry for merchants and developers.

Magento Open Source vs Adobe Commerce Feature Comparison

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