Do you want to join the Mage-OS Association? You can become a Community Member, or a Professional Member. Contribute what you can! If you make a living with the platform, we suggest becoming a Professional Member.

By joining, you get:

  • A membership badge
  • Bragging rights
  • Ability to vote and participate in Mage-OS Association elections and resolutions, in our annual assembly
  • Ability to apply for grant funds (once the grant program begins)
  • Ability to list Mage-OS on your LinkedIn profile


If your company is looking to support Mage-OS, we have four tiers:

The higher your tier, the more benefits and exposure you get.

You can also contribute a custom amount between tiers, or give a one-time donation with no ongoing commitment at all.

More options may be available. Please contact us if you’re interested in a bigger contribution or sponsorship role. We don’t do pay-for-access, we won’t sell data, but we are open to ideas. This includes the ability to sponsor development of a specific feature or improvement.

Contributions are in Euros because that’s where the Mage-OS Association is registered, but we are represented and encourage participation worldwide.

Why should you join
the Mage-OS Association?

Fortune favors the bold

Become a member or supporting company

You’ll get a cool badge and logo placement (depending on your contribution) to prove your care and support for the Mage-OS / Magento ecosystem. Onlookers will admire you. Prospects will run to you.

(Outcomes not guaranteed. But the badges are.)

The fact is, none of this works without support and without money. Money will let us pay full-time staff to drive Mage-OS, set its vision and roadmap, and make things happen. Money will also let us start a grant program to pay agency and independent developers to work on platform improvements (how cool is that!).

And support, well — the more people get involved, the more others will want to join them and add to the money pile that pays people to make this whole platform better. See how that works?

Financing Mage-OS is about innovating and sustaining an awesome platform into something we can continue to rely on for the next decade or more. If you join as an individual, you also get a direct say in how Mage-OS works. You can participate in our annual Mage-OS Assembly, elect the board, propose/vote on resolutions, and get to apply for those grant funds we mentioned.

How will funds be used?

Currently the entire Mage-OS operation, including the board of directors, is working on a volunteer basis. Everything you see so far was done by passionate people that believe we can create something special. The Mage-OS Association is not-for-profit, and will be investing the vast majority of funds directly into staffing, operations, and development of Mage-OS.

As a legally registered organization, we are bound by our statutes, which include multiple approvals for all spending; audits by our Business Control Committee; and an annual budget and financials approved by the members (which could mean you).

Our vision for Mage-OS is to provide a high-quality, dependable, and better alternative to the Adobe-curated Magento Open Source project. We will demonstrate an ability to process contributions quickly and effectively, improve the quality and accessibility of the platform, and release updates on a regular cadence that users can plan around.

Want to know more?

Read the Mage-OS FAQs page