Mage-OS Membership Now Open

Hello friends!

As you may know, one of the main ways we plan for Mage-OS to be funded is through a membership and partner program. This is a chance to support the ecosystem that has allowed your business to thrive for all these years and shape its future.

We’re proud to announce Mage-OS membership is now open!

Why should you back the Mage-OS Association?

Financing Mage-OS is about innovating and sustaining an awesome platform into something we can continue to rely on for the next decade or more. As a company, you can speed up our growth and fund initiatives around two major pillars:

Community: Now that we’ve reignited the Magento fire, we need to continue to grow the community, nurture it, and channel all of the great energy and talent around us to achieve even more amazing things.

Product: This is all about enhancing the Mage-OS platform capabilities (stability, extensibility, innovation, cost efficiency), with the long-term goal of making it a fully fledged product, backed by a commercial entity which will be owned by our non-profit Association.

Our shorter term vision for Mage-OS is to provide a high-quality, dependable, and faster-moving alternative to the Magento Open Source project. We will demonstrate an ability to process contributions quickly and effectively, improve the quality and accessibility of the platform, and release updates on a regular cadence that users can plan around.

If you join as an individual, in addition to your membership fees going toward the above, you also get a direct say in how Mage-OS works. You can participate in our annual Mage-OS Assembly, elect the board, propose/vote on resolutions, and apply for grant funds.

How will funds be used?

Your funding contribution helps build up the Mage-OS Association and accelerate the development of the platform. 

Right now the entire Mage-OS operation, including the Board of Directors, is voluntary. Everything you see was created by passionate community members who believe that we can create something special.

The Mage-OS Association is not profit driven, and will be investing your money carefully to amplify the impact of volunteers to enhance the product. Our goal is to create a stable and sustainable organization from which we can support the platform’s long-term improvement and growth.

Funds will be spent on:

  • Hiring staff
  • Commissioning feature development
  • Driving brand awareness and engagement among existing and potential partners, members, and contributors
  • Nurturing the entire community and ecosystem

As a legally registered organization, we are bound by our statutes, which include multiple approvals for all spending; audits by our Business Control Committee; and an annual budget and financials approved by the members (which could mean you).

What are the options for joining?

If you’re an individual, you can become a Community Member from just €10/yr. If you make a living with the platform, we suggest becoming a Professional Member, starting at €100/year.

Note that “Tips” suggested by the platform go to Open Collective and not to Mage-OS, but there is a separate “custom contribution amount” option that goes directly to Mage-OS.

For companies of all shapes and sizes, you can become a partner at Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum tier based on your backing power. You will receive a Partner Badge that will both our appreciation, help you sell your services to prospects, and help us increase our footprint within your area and ecosystem. 

Please consider using a bank transfer to minimize fees.

Contributions are in Euros because that’s where the Mage-OS Association is registered, but we are represented and encourage participation worldwide.

As Niek Verkolen and Tjitse Efdé co-founder of Dutch agency Vendic put it:

“For us, supporting Mage-OS means taking Magento 2 back to its community roots. We believe this organisation will propel the Magento ecosystem forward.

The Magento community has given us so much over the years, now it’s our turn to contribute. Sponsor if you can. It will help the entire community massively.”

Vendic, Silver Partner of Mage-OS since November 2023

Contact us if you’re interested in a bigger contribution or support role. We don’t do pay-for-access, we won’t sell data, but we are open to ideas. This includes the ability to sponsor development of a specific feature or improvement.

If you are from a low-cost-of-living country, we offer purchasing power parity based on the ‘Big Mac Index‘ for individuals and non-multinational companies. If you would like a discount, join at your chosen level, and then contact us for reimbursement, or contact us to discuss further.

After you join, let the world know, and you should find your picture on the homepage!