Secure store management at your fingertips

Managing your Magento store is essential for any business trading online. Whether that be store configuration, user management or reporting, the Magento Admin panel provides a powerful, secure area to administrate and interact with many aspects of your E-Commerce store.

Admin Panel

A secure place to interact with your Magento platform

The Magento Admin Panel is where you manage many aspects of your store from Operations to Merchandising and Sales Order Processing. This is where you can setup products, promotions and perform various administrative tasks. The Admin URL is should be something unique an private to your business.

Key features

  • Add & edit your products
  • Add & edit your categories/collections
  • Create promotions
  • View reports
  • Update your company information such as emails, address, telephone number etc.
  • Configure store features, payments etc
  • Manage SEO
  • Manage customers
  • Add & edit page content

User Roles & Permissions

Curating your Admin system by roles is good practice and helps secure your business

Any user with access to your Magento Admin system is a trusted member of your business. Undoubtedly, different staff members will have different skills and responsibilities and therefore it makes sense to allow access only to the area’s under their responsibility. Using roles helps protect your business and helps your staff members navigate around their areas of responsibility.

Key features

  • Create new user accounts
  • Create/Manage Roles to access different areas
  • Assign users to roles
  • Assign MFA to users
  • Change Admin Panel Language per user


Essential reporting on sales, customers and products

Small businesses on Magento can get instant access to KPI’s to help them grow their online business. Periodically reviewing your report data can help you understand your customers better.

Key features

  • View add-to-cart rates and cart abandonment
  • Site search terms
  • Product reviews by product and customer
  • Report on sale by orders, tax, invoices, shipments and refunds
  • Product views, bestsellers, low stock and downloads

Security Tools

Protect your store and customers from the threat of attack or theft with secure features including Captcha and MFA

Security of all private data and business operations is paramount for your business. Magento includes Captcha and 2FA services to combat and protect both store-front and Magento Admin from increased cyber attacks be that automated or otherwise.

Key features

  • Implement 2FA in Magento Admin using Google Authenticator or U2F
  • Google reCAPTCHA for Magento Admin
  • Google reCAPTCHA for your website including login/checkout and other forms.
  • Admin account sharing – prevent multiple users logging in using the same account
  • Password eecovery link expiration
  • Max password reset limit
  • Case sensitive logins
  • Admin session lifetime
  • Maximum login attempt failures
  • Admin password lifetime
  • Force password change upon lifetime expiry

Bulk update / import / export tools

Import/Export allows you to easily work with products or customers en masse

Working with CSV’s from your favourite spreadsheet editor or other back-office system is made easy with this powerful feature. Products and customers can be managed and both imported/exported so you can work with or exchange data to/from other applications. Most commonly this tool is used to import/update product or stock information quickly.

Key features

  • Add/update, replace or delete products
  • Update advanced pricing such as tier and group prices
  • Add/update, replace customers and addresses
  • Import stock quantities and sources