Mage-OS December 2023 Update

Below is our Mage-OS recap for December 2023, but first off a Happy New Year to everyone in the Magento ecosystem from all of us at Mage-OS!

Welcome to our New Partner

Thank you integer_net for becoming a Bronze sponsor this month!

Mage-OS stands for everything we believe in: a strong community and creative minds.
We love to work in a cooperative and future-oriented way – that’s why we’ve been active in the Magento community for a long time. The foundation of Mage-OS has shown us once again that we believe in the right platform and that together we will advance the world of e-commerce!

Christian Philipp, CEO at integer_net

If you, too, want to help us shape the future of the Magento ecosystem, join us!

Magento Meetup Aachen

Magento Meetup Aachen

It was great to connect with people in Aachen! Our president, Vinai, attended and gave a talk, and you can read a nice recap of the event from integer_net:

Magento Women Initiative

Women In Tech Facts

Recently a talk at Meet Magento Netherlands 2023 called “7 ways to be an ally for Women in Tech” sparked conversation and bonding between women at the event. Women are underrepresented, at only 27% of the workforce in the industry. This inequality intensifies the more you go up in the responsibility levels, with only 1 in 7 of CEOs being women.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Parul Sinha (who is looking after the Open Source Community at Adobe) is the Austin site lead for Women at Adobe. That program is very mature and includes career highlights, sessions on women’s health, as well as a platform to facilitate networking and support on any topic from relationship and parenting advice to soft and hard skills like crafting slides or improving communication.

For Magento and Mage-OS, where diversity and inclusion have always been part of our Community culture and values, the purpose of this initiative is huge as it will help both grow the Magento Community and skill up each business in the ecosystem. Here’s how:

  • By attracting more women to the Magento ecosystem, we get a bigger talent pool of more diverse people
  • If every woman in the Magento ecosystem gains confidence, a stronger network, and soft and hard skills with the help of their peers, that will help businesses to flourish, and everybody wins

With those objectives in mind, we took a couple a first steps, in cooperation with Parul, Marsha Naidoo, Sanne Bolkenstein, Thien-Lan Weber, Suzanne von Ameronen, and others:

  1. We already gathered nearly 50 women on the Mage-Chat Slack channel sharing some useful tips and lots of good vibes. Join us by emailing
  1. We’ve lined up in-person meetings on three continents over the next three months

 Save the Dates:

  1. Europe: Dinner in Utrecht (the Netherlands) on January 22nd
  2. USA: Get together at Meet Magento Florida on January 31th from 5.30 to 6.30pm
  3. Asia: Get together at Meet Magento India February 10th

Join us on Slack for details and to register. Also follow us on LinkedIn to be notified when event registrations opens.

Is your organization supporting Women in Tech? To sponsor one of the events or the whole global program, please contact:

Where to find Mage-OS in 2024?

Webwinkel Vakdagen drinks

23 January 2024 | Utrecht, Netherlands

As a tradition, the Dutch Magento Community gathers over drinks during Webwinkel Vakdagen, the biggest eCommerce expo in the Netherlands. In 2024, the event is taking place in Utrecht on January 23 and 24. 

After the first day, Mage-OS Netherlands is shouting New Year’s drinks for the Magento community, thanks to generous sponsors.

Magento Stammtisch Rhein-Main

24th January 2024 | Mainz, Germany

The 46th edition of this German Magento meetup is taking place at netz98 (Valantic) offices in Mainz 

  • From 7pm to 10pm
  • Guest speakers include Marco Kahler, PIM-Expert at Valantic and Tobias Niebergall, CTO at e3n

Meet Magento Florida

31 January & 1st February 2024 | Hollywood, FL, USA

This two day event at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe Resort offers plenty of ancillary events and sightseeing tours. Laura Folco, from our Business Control Committee, Thien-Lan, our Vice President, and Sanne Bolkenstein on the board of Mage-OS Netherlands will be there, alongside contributors and friends of Mage-OS including Jakub Winkler, Maier Bianchi, Kuba Zwolinski, and more.

What’s more, there will be a special treat for Women of Magento, so book your ticket with code 30-MAGE-OS for 30% off on conference tickets.

Meet Magento India

10th February 2024 | Ahmedabad, India

Vinai, our president, will be representing Mage-OS at Meet Magento India and looks forward to meeting the vibrant and huge Magento community there. 

We are really looking forward to spreading the excitement about the future of Magento and sharing our 2024 plans with the wider Community.

Meet Commerce

15th April 2024 | Warsaw, Poland 

Warsaw is where the Mage-OS Association was legally founded. It sure is a special place for us. Join us for this multi-platform eCommerce event, and meet the wonderful Polish agencies and community who have been supporting us from the beginning.

Don’t want to get FOMO on all the Magento events?

That’s all for this time! The Mage-OS team.