Magento is a mature and feature rich eCommerce platform. It comes with a comprehensive list of eCommerce feature which is supported by a large community of developers and third party solution providers. Some of the key features include:


Multistore as standard, not an afterthought.
Magento doesn’t just have a multistore add-on like other eCommerce platforms, it was architected with multistore in mind from day one. Almost every feature Magento offers can be independently configured and customized per store, giving you ultimate control over your business (or businesses!)

Page Builder & CMS

Create shoppable experiences your customers won’t forget!
Magento has all the content tools you need to delight and engage with your customers. Whether it’s creating beautiful page layouts with Page Builder, building reusable content areas and pages, or placing content anywhere on-site, Magento has you covered. Read more

Catalog & Search

Unleash the power of the Magento Product Catalog.
Magento has a powerful product catalog feature-set and a comprehensive search function powered by Elastic Search.

Pricing & Promotions

Striking the balance between flexibility and power.
One of the first things a customer will look at on a product is the price, using the advanced pricing options strategically market your products whether it’s with customer-specific or global discounts you have multiple options to boost sales.


Invite customers to complete a purchase with multiple checkout possibilities
Collect all the necessary customer details to complete the transaction. Magento provides different options to improve the customer flow.

Marketing & SEO

Empower your eCommerce Marketing Team
Magento has a powerful Marketing toolset for your eCommerce Team including features such as Promo Codes, Wish Lists, Product Reviews & a Technical framework to support your SEO.

Customers & Fulfilment

Striking the right balance between flexibility and trustworthy sales order process.
Magento has a well-defined, powerful order workflow for processing sales, payments, shipments and returns/credits – making your fulfilment team’s job seamless and the customer’s experience excellent!

Store Management Tools

Secure store management at your fingertips.
Managing your Magento store is essential for any business trading online. Whether that be store configuration, user management or reporting, the Magento Admin panel provides a powerful, secure area to administrate and interact with many aspects of your E-Commerce store.