Solutions are in our DNA

Magento was designed from Day 1 to provide powerful and flexible eCommerce Solutions. It is designed to empower merchants to do business online. The aim of the project is to deliver a solutions focused framework designed to allow online businesses to thrive.

Whether you are looking to support B2B, B2C or DTC eCommerce channels, Magento can provide a resilient framework to support your business.

Scale – International & Global

Magento has native Multistore functionality as standard, not an afterthought and support for true Multi Currency which will help you scale your eCommerce Globally.

Flexibility – Integrations & Extensions

Magento is an Open Source project. This means that flexibility is built in to the platform. To ensure your e-commerce business can streamline & automate processes as well as extending the functionality with new and enhanced features there is comprehensive built in support for Integrations and Extensions.


A flexible approach to payment solutions is key to eCommerce success. Magento can support a wide range of payment requirements including:

  • Offline solutions
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Wallets
  • Buy Now Pay Later options.