Mage-OS January 2024

2024 Goals

With increased collaboration with Magento Association and Adobe, we’ve decided to shift our goals for the coming year. In 2024, our intentions are to:

  • Make Mage-OS a tech incubator and place of innovation for the Magento ecosystem.
    • Mage-OS is an independent distribution of Magento Open Source.
    • Mage-OS will be a proving ground for innovation. As this works out, we will encourage Magento Open Source to include those same changes for future releases.
  • We need your help developing the features and improvements that will help to keep Magento competitive and set it apart!

  • Show that ‘Magento is Alive’, and still a competitive modern ecommerce platform, through:
    • Helping to create an all new marketing website
    • Platform comparisons and selling resources (‘battle cards’)
    • Exposure of the features, enhancements, and community that make Magento special

Association News

  • Join us in a warm welcome to Cezary Kozon as treasurer of Mage-OS Association! He was elected by a special assembly of our members on Jan 17th, to replace our previous treasurer who departed for family reasons.

  • Welcome to our newest partners and members!

    • basecom GmbH & Co. KG – Bronze Partner
    • Brian Wade – Professional Member
    • Henk Valk – Professional Member
    • Oskars Tuns – Professional Member
    • Tobias Niebergall – Professional Member
    • Vadym – Community Member
  • You too can become a Mage-OS member, for as little as 10 EUR/year! Show your support, and show the world this is something worth supporting.

  • We recently hit 1000 members who have joined our Discord server!

Development Progress

  • Artem Kozynets presented a new admin theme concept in a recent Mage-OS tech meeting, and will be doing a small number of feedback sessions with Magento specialists this month. If you’re interested: (UPDATE: All slots are full now. Thanks for your interest!)

  • Vladyslav Podorozhnyi, Ihor Sviziev, and Maksym Novik have been doing great work on fixes to the integration testing suite, so that we can do reliable testing of pull requests in the near future!

  • Thijs Feryn and Toon Van Dooren have been working on improvements to the default VCL configurations, to improve the baseline FPC performance of all Magento/Mage-OS sites using Varnish caching.


  • Have a contribution idea or interested in the Mage-OS Distribution? Join our weekly tech meetings, public on Discord at 3 PM CET/2 PM UTC / 9 AM EST every Tuesday

  • Want to help promote Magento and Mage-OS? Join our weekly marketing meeting, public on Discord at 4 PM CET/3 PM UTC / 10 AM EST every Monday

  • Magento Association is creating a new content site for, and our content committee is working right now to plan and build that out. Talk to John Hughes if you’re interested.

  • Artem Kozynets is working on a modernized admin theme for Mage-OS and Magento, and will be running short sessions for one-on-one feedback soon. If you’re interested: (UPDATE: All slots are full now. Thanks for your interest!)

  • Vladyslav Podorozhnyi is leading work on integration test improvements. Read and help out at

  • We’re looking for new features to enhance Mage-OS this year that will help to modernize and excite merchants. This might include AI enhancements, low/no code processes, or more. Talk to Vinai Kopp or #tech if you’re interested!


Women In Magento

The Women in Magento group has gotten off to a roaring start! Woman empowerment benefits us all. Feel the incredible vibes in the recaps of the first events organized across Europe, US, and Asia:

  • Netherlands dinner, organized by Sanne Bolkenstein of Mage-OS Netherlands and sponsored by MageChat, Youwe, Hypernode, Elgentos, Mollie and Integer_net

  • Cocktail Party at Meet Magento Florida, organized by Marsha Naidoo and sponsored by Rave Digital and Aheadworks with Parul Sinha from Women at Adobe as special guest

  • Women’s dinner at Meet Magento India, organized by Zeel Patel of Evrig and sponsored by Marsha Naidoo. 

Want to set up such an event in your area? Ping Thien Lan, Sanne or Marsha on Discord.

Events Recaps

  • Mage-OS NL drinks at Webwinkel Vakdagen 23rd Jan 2024 (who has pictures to share?)

  • Meet Magento Florida 31st Jan – 1st Feb 2024 confirmed the vitality of Magento and collaboration between Adobe, the Magento Association and Mage-OS. Read the Recap from Nicole Teriaca Colella. Some artistic pictures are also already available.

Upcoming Events

That’s all until next time! The Mage-OS team.