Because of the shock of Russia invading Ukraine there was no progress during week 8. Many friends, co-workers and employees and their families in the Ukraine are affected. It seems nothing we are doing matters compared to our dear ones fighting for their life and country.

However, we have to continue to function, despite the crisis. Like a good friend said: “it’s business as usual, but we also have to do more, we have to help”.

Technical topics

Mirror distribution

The purpose of the mirror distribution is to provide an independent installation source for Magento Open Source, and to facilitate learning about building a Magento composer repository. The mirror repository can be used to install Magento Open Source independently of the Adobe owned repositories.
Each new Magento Open Source release will be added when it becomes available.

We are able to create a Magento Open Source composer package repository from our forked repositories at
All the forked repositories used to build the composer repository start with the name mirror-* (for example mirror-magento2).
It is generated by a docker image, so everybody can create and host their own mirror repository if they want.
We hope over time, hosters will use this to provide local mirrors to their customers.

There are still two issues to solve, but in general an installation of 2.4.3-p1 is now possible if the magento/composer-dependency-version-audit-plugin is disabled (answer no when asked during the installation).
These remaining issues should be fixed soon, too.

The composer repository for our Mage-OS mirror distribution can be found at
At a later time we will be providing additional packages that go beyond Magento Open Source at

Please note: currently they still are to be considered experimental. We will post an update here when they can be considered stable.

More details on how the composer repository is generated and how to install Magento Open Source from such a mirror repo can be found at

A big thank you to Raffael Kassner! The research he provided at has been very helpful!

GitHub permissions

We have set up a plan and are in the process of learning how to use terraform to apply the desired set of permissions to all repositories at


New members are now required to register with a verified email address and agree to the code of conduct hosted at

We now welcome anybody interested in our discord at
This is probably the best place to go if you are interested in helping to set up Mage-OS.

Organizational topics

Operations management

We agreed we need to invest into the organization behind Mage-OS in order to be able to make this a sustainable long term project. For this, we developed the profile for a full time chief operating officer.

Organizing documents

The amount of both technical and organizational documents are growing, and we need to organize things.
We decided to share Google Drive folders with everyone in the organization. Some of those folders will become public, so documents like for example the product vision can be easily linked to and discovered.