Welcome to an update fresh out of the Mage-OS kitchen.

Technical topics

Mirror distribution

We are able to run a full local installation based on self-generated packages, but it doesn’t work remotely yet, because the package URLs in the packages.json file generated by satis still need to be prefixed with the repository URL. This should be fixed over the coming weekend.

The JavaScript based build tool is bundled as a docker image which will be used to create a Mage-OS mirror repository on any server with docker (or podman).
This will allow us to change the underlying implementation of the tool creating the packages without impacting the mirror provider – they only need to pull the latest version of the image.

We agreed to host the initial mirror distribution on a server rented by us, because we don’t want to favor a specific hosting provider.
We hope many hosting providers will use the opportunity to provide fast local package mirrors to their customers.

Opening up to the wider community

We want to open up our Discord and the mage-os GitHub organization once we have a fully functioning self built package mirror running. We are looking forward to collaborating with many developers from all over the world in building up the Mage-OS distributions. Before we open things up, we decided to publish a Code of Conduct on our website and ask everyone to agree with our shared base values before joining. We also need to set up team based access rights in the GitHub organization.

Organizational topics

Magento Association

We discussed our individual relationship with the Magento Association and agreed there is no conflict of interest if members of our group also fulfill tasks in the MA. We also agreed that by continuing to work independently of the MA as part of the Mage-OS community alliance, we also serve the community by helping move the status quo.

Magento STS vs LTS

We discussed how STS and LTS security updates might be handled, and who might be able to provide vendor based support.
Since Adobe wants to hand ownership of Magento STS to the community, they might not be able to provide security patches.
We are convinced there is a shared interest in collaboration on this topic, and that a way to coordinate the release of security related patches can be found.
This will be a topic for further discussion in the Magento Open Source Task Force.

Magento Open Source Content

We assembled a content plan for the promotional, informational and branding related content for merchants about Magento Open Source. Several members of the community have agreed to help create this content. As soon as we have at least ten meaningful articles we will publish them on the to be created mage-os.org website. Should Adobe or the Magento Association also decide to provide such content, we will be happy to move content there.

Magento and Adobe Commerce Support

During the last Magento Open Source Task Force meeting we discussed the lack of publicly available long term support information for both Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. Adobe members of the task force agreed that should be made available and stated they would look into it.

Docker Hub Username

Sadly “mageos” is not available. Only characters and numbers are allowed, which means “mage-os” is not valid there. The next best free username we found on docker hub is “magece”.

That’s all for this week. More coming soon,

The whole Mage-OS team