It finally happened!

We have founded Mage-OS as an official association registered in Poland. Huge thanks to Maciej Kalkowski, who took care of the legal matters with the lawyers and organized everything, and also thank you to everyone who gathered in Warsaw as the initial signing members. Now Mage-OS can register a bank account, get members, and employ people. This is an important step toward much bigger things for this Magento-based open source project.

Our goal is to strengthen the Magento ecosystem, and see it thrive for years to come!

We intend to do that by giving everyone in the community the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

We believe that by providing the opportunity and resources for people to get started easily, we can revitalize the platform. We want to introduce a whole new generation of merchants and developers to their own journey with ecommerce’s most powerful open source platform.

Mage-OS is an independent, community-driven initiative, but we look forward to collaborating with Adobe and the Magento Association wherever possible to make this dream a reality.

We look forward to getting to know you, too! Individuals like you getting involved is the most important of all. If you are interested, look at the Get Involved page to learn more.

The founding board of Mage-OS consists of:

Board of Directors

Business Control Committee

Ensures accountability and transparency in Association operations.

Founding Members

Many thanks to all individuals and companies present in person during the founding ceremony:

Borys Skraba (Strix), Rafał Gadomski (Advox), Bartosz Zakręta (Hatimeria), Marek Syrek (Virtua), Tomasz Grzemski (Macopedia), Krzysztof Ratajczyk (Panda Group), Radosław Toczek (ClawRock), Krzysztof Abram (Gate software), Cezary Kożon (Spyro soft), Łukasz Linczewski (Alekseon), Mateusz Ogonowski (Growcode), Tomasz Piotr Lis and Piotr Siejczuk!

For more info, see About the Mage-OS Association.

More about Mage-OS

We have not been standing still. In recent months we’ve:

  • Replicated Magento release packages with an independent build process from the source repositories;
  • Published a public Magento mirror composer repository using that independent process;
  • Released the first Magento updates since establishing the mirror (2.4.5 and related patches);
  • Had our first third-party mirror published by the same process;
  • Added validation and integrity checks to the mirror builds (thanks to Damien, Daniel, Anton, and others);
  • Created a nightly repository of Magento development builds, automatically generated each day from the latest Magento repositories;
  • Finalized the Mage-OS Code of Conduct and Association Statutes;
  • And more

We have much more planned for the future! Our next technical focus will be on establishing the Mage-OS Distribution itself, to allow direct community contributions and releases of Mage-OS.

You can already start using our Magento mirror repository or nightly repository today! Find more details and instructions at: