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Mage-OS Distribution

A big step was made thanks to our first-ever Mage-OS Hackathon! Huge thanks to David Lambauer and the Run As Root team for putting that on, and for everyone that participated!

We are in the final stages of preparing for a release of our very own Mage-OS Distribution! Recently that includes:

  • Changes to the package generation process;
  • Finalizing a GitHub Action for baseline coding standards testing of pull requests;
  • Preparing a release process, including changing package names and versions in a way that’s intercompatible with Magento;
  • Admin branding changes;
  • GitHub Actions maintenance;
  • And more

We are looking forward to sharing big news here soon!

Dev Docs

Mage-OS developer documentation is coming together well!

Here is where we need more help:

  • Provide Feedback: Let us know your thoughts on the existing documentation. Are there areas that could be clearer? Is there information that’s missing or could be expanded upon?
  • Suggest Topics: Are there specific topics or areas in Magento 2 development that you feel need more detailed documentation? Share your suggestions, and we’ll work on incorporating them!
  • Contribute Content: If you have expertise in a particular area of Magento 2 and are willing to share your knowledge, we’d love for you to contribute content to the DevDocs.
  • Report Issues: If you come across any inaccuracies, ambiguities, or bugs in the documentation, please report them so we can address them promptly.
  • Spread the Word: Help us reach more Magento 2 developers by sharing Mage-OS DevDocs within your networks and on social media. The more contributors we have, the richer and more comprehensive our documentation will be!

Join our tech calls on Tuesdays 9 a.m. EST/ 3 p.m. CET


We’ve lined all but one duck in the row. In the last months we’ve arranged our bank account, accounting company, settled legal matters, and set up a Stripe account so that we can now accept membership contributions on our Open Collective page.

We have not shouted about it yet because we would like a lower-fee option before collecting large amounts. As such we are working hard to accept bank transfers, and getting close. We’re also working on lowering the credit card fees, so that as much of the money as possible goes toward building the Mage-OS platform.

That being said, if you want to be among the first to join Mage-OS and add your pretty face to our homepage, you can do so now!

Please be aware:

  • When Open Collective asks for a “Tip”, that goes to their platform, not to Mage-OS

Swag store

The Mage-OS Swag store is here

Thanks to the diligent benchmark and vetting process run by Ryan Hoerr, we now have a Mage-OS Swag Store that offers:

  • Quality and eco-friendly products
  • A wide range of apparel, accessories, and stickers, in a variety of colors
  • Shipping from various parts of the globe for less CO2 emission and less tax duty and shipping costs
  • Good value – Mage-OS is not taking any profit from the sales, which means the prices are as low as possible for you

In our testing, it takes about a week to receive your order in most of the US and EU (but that depends on the specific products and the size of your order).

Make sure to shop in your local currency for the best shipping costs and time. You can choose your location in the shop footer.

Want to show off? Use the hashtag #MAGEOSWAG on Twitter or LinkedIn to show off!


Now that the Mage-OS Distribution eCommerce platform is almost ready, marketing and outreach are becoming a big part of discussions.

Originally, the Content Committee was mainly focused on gathering and writing about the Magento platform’s features and possibilities. Recently this has started to evolve. The meeting time is unchanged, but we now spend the first half hour on Marketing topics, and the second half on our Mage-OS website functionalities and content.

Here are more details about what we are trying to achieve. If you have ideas, resources, energy or just want to tag along, please join us and lend a hand!

Marketing Committee

  • Build awareness, comprehension of Mage-OS
  • Build adoption of the soon-to-launch distribution
  • Grow our community of members, partners, and contributors

Website Committee

  • How do we drive comprehension of the Association and the Distribution
  • How do we keep the community engaged and rewarded (Contributors Page, Events module, Updates…)

Join our Monday meetings 10 a.m. EST/ 4 p.m. CET for half an hour each



Meet Magento New York 2023 – Oct 9th to 12th

Meet Magento New York is in less than two weeks. This is going to be big! Some have started calling it the “Spiritual successor of Magento Imagine”. In fact, this will be the biggest event for Mage-OS so far as we’ll have an official booth, and several talks across the Technical Track and Business Tracks, including a massive interview with Mage-OS and Magento Association, and some great minds on Open Source!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Above The Fray for their generosity and hospitality in this event, and to Marsha Naidoo and team specifically for organizing!

We are also organizing a morning-after Get Together for anyone that wants to hang out with us and chat Mage-OS!

Read about everything Mage-OS has going on at MM23NYC

Meet Magento Netherlands 2023 – Nov 2nd

This event is the first one organized by a local chapter: Mage-OS Nederlands! The MM23NL website is absolutely beautiful and gives justice to the rich cultural history of the Netherlands, which is also one of the strongest markets for Magento. You can still become a sponsor, get your ticket and perhaps submit a talk.

Trust us to be there in large numbers, with our Mage-OS swag on, and wear anything orange as the Dutch would do.

Mage-OS Local Chapters

The British are coming, and they’ve set up their own channel on Discord with the Irish. There’s a lot of excitement brewing in the community, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Check our Local Chapters page to join your regional group. There are currently groups open for France, India, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, UK and Ireland, and USA. Connect with people from your area, speak ecommerce at them, and maybe talk them into arranging a meetup!

Want to start organizing your own local Magento community? Let us know, get your local ecommerce friends and coworkers to join you, and run with it.

Thanks, until next time!