Recapping the Mage-OS Hackathon Weekend in Würzburg

Hallo everyone! I have much excitement to share about our latest adventure in the world of coding and camaraderie. Our team came together for a hackathon that was, how do we say… einfach fantastisch!

When and Where?
So, this great gathering? It was happening on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th September. And the place? The run_as_root office in the wonderful Würzburg city.

Our Purpose? Mage-OS!
Mage-OS was our shining star. With 14 of us, all buzzing with ideas, it was quite the atmosphere. Vinai, he shared many thoughts on Mage-OS. And I (David) gave some rules for the house. Then, ah, the brainstorming! Ideas were like rivers, flowing non-stop.

Projects? Oh, So Many!

  • Thorben, Manuel, Cristiano from faraway Brazil, and yours truly, we played with TypeSense. It’s like Algolia, but open-source. Thanks to time zones, we worked like a relay race. Non-stop!
  • Andreas, he went deep into the world of Async Events. Imagine connecting any webhook to Magento Events. Toll, right?
  • Vinai, Fabian, Vlad – these three musketeers made the Mage-OS Release Process even cooler, creating custom distributions.
  • Maryna and Rico? Ah, artists! They gave a new face to Mage-OS DevDocs, and shared knowledge on contributor workflows.
  • Tjitje, he was a busy bee with PHP Codestyle GitHub Action, making things faster with a Baseline.
  • Matthias, our hero, made Elasticsearch optional. A big, big move!
  • Laura, she was our sunshine. Taking photos, making everyone smile. Ein wunderbar person!

Much Work, Much Results!
In such short time, can you believe, we merged about 35 PRs across 8 repositories? It’s like magic!

And Fun Times? Of course!
We had lovely dinner in a Würzburg biergarten. Laughs, food, and good memories.

An Unforgettable Friday Afternoon
Now, a special memory from Friday afternoon. I wanted to say some closing words, but I saw something beautiful. The whole office, everyone, was in a deep focus tunnel. No sound, just passion and work. It was like watching a silent orchestra. Very impressive and heartwarming.

To finish, this hackathon was not only about coding. It was about friendship, learning, and much joy. Here’s to many more such events and the bright future of Mage-OS! Prost! :tada::tada::tada:

Typesense: https://github.com/torhoehn/module-typesense-mageos
DevDocs: https://github.com/mage-os/devdocs
DevDocs Website: https://github.com/mage-os/devdocs-website
MageOS: https://github.com/mage-os/mageos-magento2
Mirror Script: https://github.com/mage-os/generate-mirror-repo-js
GitHub Actions: https://github.com/mage-os/github-actions
Async Events Admin: https://github.com/mage-os/mageos-async-events-admin-ui
Async Events Lib: https://github.com/mage-os/mageos-async-events

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