We’re excited to announce the launch of the brand new Mage-OS website, which brings a fresh new design, more content on Mage-OS itself, and, even more importantly, dedicated merchant-focused content on Magento Open Source and the Magento community and ecosystem. And this is just the start, as our new site provides the base to add even more content and functionality in future.

What does our new site offer?

Like the previous Mage-OS site, our new site contains key information about our association: who we are and what our goals are, details about the Mage-OS distribution, and regular updates on our activities and progress. However, we’ve now expanded this further to include even more content.

Merchant Focused Content

We feel there has been a lack of quality Magento Open Source for merchants for many years, but especially since Adobe removed most of the information about the platform from their site, focusing almost exclusively on Adobe Commerce and retiring the magento.com domain.

Our new site provides useful content on the key strengths and features of the Magento Open Source platform, and we’ll soon be following this up with content focused on use cases and common solutions Magento Open Source can provide. In addition, we’ve collated a list of useful resources for merchants and written a piece explaining the differences between the different editions of Magento.

We’ve also introduced three new sections that we’ll be looking to populate further through community contributions going forward:

  • eCommerce Insights – our blog that outlines best practices, opinion, and useful guides for merchants
  • Case Studies – in-depth articles that describe merchant success stories
  • Brands – a directory listing where merchants (and agencies) can list their sites

Community Resources

Our community is the greatest asset of the Magento ecosystem, so we’ve got an entire section dedicated just to it.

We’re starting out with an overview page outlining what it means to us and so many others, an events page that outlines all the upcoming conferences and meetups and more resources, this time focused on developers, agencies and other professionals who work with Magento.

Also, given many local communities are starting to come together under the Mage-OS name, such as the recently formed Mage-OS Nederland, we’ve started a section where they can provide details on their local initiatives.

What benefits does it bring?

Non-developer friendly

While our previous site was built on the great, lightweight Astro framework, it wasn’t very friendly for non-technical people who wanted to contribute content. Our new site is built using WordPress, which means that anyone can now help write, review and publish content.

Content, SEO & marketing tools

WordPress provides us with almost unlimited options when it comes to content authoring and workflows, better SEO tools and more advanced marketing options so we can ensure that the content we write can be easily promoted and discovered.

Quicker feature delivery

Again, given the vast array of plugins available for WordPress, we can much more easily enhance the site with new functionality going forward without needing to spend time custom developing features. We can focus this development resource on the Mage-OS Distribution instead!

What’s next?

Our new site is just the start, and we have plenty more content and functionality we plan to roll out over the coming months, including:

  • More Magento Open Source content – in addition to the planned solutions content, we’re also looking to add comparisons with other eCommerce platforms, including Adobe Commerce
  • Community Directory – a directory of listings for merchants, agencies, technology, storefront and hosting providers
  • Mage-OS Membership Details – once our association has been legally founded, we’ll begin to offer membership for individuals and companies
  • Mage-OS Product Roadmap – a page to outline the upcoming additions and changes to the Mage-OS Distribution

Thanks to our contributors

Our new site and its content could not have been made possible without the time, effort and contributions of our dedicated content committee. Please check out our contributors’ page to see the many talented people that made this possible.

Get involved

If our new site, values or mission have inspired you to join our cause and ensure a brighter future for the Magento Open Source ecosystem, then please get involved in one of our committees or get in touch!