2 Dec 2022

Meet you soon in Madrid!

Mage-OS will be at Meet Commerce Spain on December 13th, see you there!

23 Nov 2022

Merchant Focused Content

An update on the ongoing work to create a merchant focused content site

2 Nov 2022

Going beyond the Mirror - Mage-OS Nightlies

Mage-OS Distribution nightly builds are now available on

11 Oct 2022

Magento 2.4.5-p1 release

Now available on

20 Sep 2022

Diversity and Inclusion!

We strongly believe that a wide array of perspectives can only bring richer insights and fairer decisions.

2 Sep 2022

The Mage-OS Association has been founded!

Read more about the board, the business control committee and the next steps.

29 Aug 2022

Nightly repository now available; Mirror improvements; and more

The Mage-OS mirror repository has been finalized, and nightly builds are published

15 Aug 2022

Mirror 2.4.5 release and many contributions

The 2.4.5 and related releases have been added to the mirror repositories and a lot of progress has been made, thanks to many contributions.

26 Jul 2022

New Website, Mirror Distribution, Nightly Builds, Content and Community Updates (Week 30)

Version 2.3.7-p3 added to mirror; New nightly build versioning convention; Community updates.

26 Jun 2022

Week 20 - 25 of 2022

An update on the last weeks of progress on Mage-OS

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