Meet Commerce Spain is taking place on Tuesday 13th December, in Madrid, Spain.

For a couple of months, the team at Mage-OS has been preparing for this event with much enthusiasm and excitement.

Why? Because it felt so good to catch up in person at Meet Magento New York 2022, we wanted to do it again. Also, this event is strongly connected with Mage-OS as Ignacio Riesco is CEO of the organizing agency Interactiv4, and also sits on the board of Mage-OS.

Mage-OS at Meet Commerce

Mage-OS Presentation

Vinai Kopp, Board President and founding member of Mage-OS, will be presenting at Meet Commerce Spain: “Mage-OS: Fork it, Own it, Grow it, Better”.

This talk is inspired by all the conversations we’ve had with you, people and friends from the Magento Community, who have been expressing support, giving constructive feedback, and asking questions (lots of questions).

The talk will cover Mage-OS’s vision and goals, purpose, plans and progress. You won’t want to miss it!

Fun fact: Even the presentation title came up from Discord casual conversation with our community!

Mage-OS Booth

As a Silver Sponsor, we’ll have a nice booth at the conference. Come find us to chat Mage-OS, hang out, and get your Mage-OS button badge!

Here is a list of Mage-OS board members and contributors who are confirmed at this stage. Some also have talks in their own fields of expertise (see the agenda).

  • Vinai Kopp
  • Ignacio Riesco
  • John Hughes
  • Maciej Kalkowski
  • Peter Jaap Blaakmeer
  • Willem Wigman

As a nice thank-you gift, Interactiv4 has offered free tickets to individuals who are contributing to Mage-OS efforts, whether on the technical, content, or organizational side. If this is you and you’re interested in attending, let us know!

Join our Mage-OS Discord to find and connect with other attendees!

Meet Commerce Spain: what else is different?

This event is brand new and filling a gap. This conference is open to all eCommerce Platforms, not just Magento and Adobe Commerce, but also:

  • Shopware
  • Salesforce
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify

For merchants (who can attend for free), it’s a unique opportunity to get multiple perspectives on ecommerce. They will be able to compare Open Source and SaaS, different offerings and technologies, and see what platform works better for their life stages, size, organizational structure, industry verticals, and markets.

Unlike massive multi-platform shows such as NRF, IRCE, eCommerce Berlin, or Paris Retail Week, this event will have a friendly feel with hundreds of participants, not thousands, and you will get quality time to catch up with old friends. We expect people from the Magento community to attend from all over Europe and the world, and we look forward to seeing you there.

The weather should be nice and sunny, which might be a good change if you live in other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

We can’t wait to see you. Try and arrive on Monday for the PreParty!

Get your tickets for Meet Commerce Spain here