Privacy policy

In this document, “We” refers to the group of original signers of the open letter to the Magento community.
The purpose of this privacy policy is to clarify how the data that is collected by visiting this website is used and processed.

The privacy and data of anybody visiting this site is very important to us. We track as little information about visitors as possible.

By accessing this website, your IP address and browser information will be stored in the hosting providers logs. The website hosting is managed by Vercel who in turn use other rented infrastructure. For more information please visit

We ourselves do not have access to those logs and do not collect any additional information.

We use the services of the company to allow visitors to add their name posts to signal support. The visitors, name, email and - if specified - company name will be sent to via their API.
They will store and process this information according to the privacy policy which can be found at
By confirming the signature through the double-opt-in email, a signing visitor might be sending additional data to mailerlite, like the IP address, mail agent and viewing preferences.
Again, this data is also subject to the mailerlite privacy-policy.

Beside mailerlite, we will not give any other third party access to the visitor name, email address and company name.
We reserve the right to send an email to all signees in future to inform about significant developments in regards to the future of Magento Open Source.

If requested by the owner of the email via a message to, we will remove their name from the signature list should someone choose to change their mind.

For further questions regarding the collection and use of personal data, please contact