We see a bright future for Magento Open Source.

Technical Topics

We’ve been working on establishing nightly builds from the public Magento source repositories. This is an important stepping stone toward increased testability and community involvement.

There are still details and parts of the process to be finalized. Ultimately you will be able to use the Mage-OS nightly repository to install Magento’s latest published development progress for a given day, such as:

composer create-project --stability alpha magento/product-community-edition:2.4-a20220624

More to come. Please join us on Discord in #tech if you’d like to get involved.

Organizational Topics

The Mage-OS Association

Our by-laws and founding process have all been finalized, and we are on track to form the Association in the next month or so.

As mentioned in our previous post, we nominated members of the Board of Directors and well as the Control Committee.

Meet Magento UK gave many of us an opportunity to meet in real life, sign a couple of legal documents, and celebrate.

Mage-OS Brand Identity

We confirmed our name, Mage-OS, that both stands for our Association and our distribution system, and brought it to life with a logo (see header above) that captures the vibrant spirit of the Magento Community, and, through the blocks emphasizes how everyone can rise, connect and contribute to building this bright future for Magento Open Source.

Community Topics

Getting the Pulse of the Magento Community

The recent Meet Magento UK event allowed us to gather in London and reconnect in person with the Community. We shared ideas and discussed point of views with all parts of the Magento Community including Adobe staff, the UK Community, and people who flew from as far as Argentina or Canada to get those Magento hugs again.

As we knew all along, Magento is alive and well, and there are many more merchants and agencies still using the platform and rooting for it than one may think. This lack of visibility is one challenge we hope to tackle. If you’re interested in helping, whatever you can contribute, please join us on Discord!

Social Media Channels

You can connect with us, share ideas, or follow our progress on…

That’s all for today! Stay safe and prosper,

The Mage-OS folks